Township Officials

Shalersville Township Officials

Please direct all Township mail c/o Fiscal Officer 9090 St. Rt. 44, Ravenna, Ohio 44266


Chairman Frank R. Ruehr, Jr. 9275 Coit Rd. Ravenna (330) 603-2613
Vice Chairman  Nancy Vines 4934  St. Rt. 303 Ravenna (330) 296-4244
John R. Kline  4155 Webb Rd. Ravenna  (330)807-8173

Fiscal Officer:

Chairman Jill Corbett 9090  st. Rt. 44 Ravenna (330) 274-3655
Fax # (330) 296-5838

The Board of Trustees meets in the Town Hall meeting room at 8:00 P.M. on the first and third Tuesday of each month.
The meetings are open to the public and your input is welcome.

Road Employees:

C. Jim Corbett 8679 St. Rt. 44 Ravenna (330) 671-6484
John R. Benjamin 2787 Mennonite Rd. Mantua

Township Garage:

4383 St. Rt. 303 Mantua (330) 297-5537

Cemetery Sexton:

C. Jim Corbett (330) 671-6484

Zoning Inspector:

 Gregory Benner 4183 Dudley Rd. Mantua (330)472-2863

Zoning Commission:

Chairman                               Ronald Kotkowski               330-274-2492

Vice Chair                              Todd Brugmann                    330-626-4825

Secretary/member               Karen Hashbarger               330-357-9972

Member                                  Nathan Goodell                    330-322-3724

Member                                  Dan Denzinger                     330-274-8480

Alternate                                 Todd Lamb                           330-274-0161

The Zoning Commission meets in the Town Hall meeting room at 7:30 P.M. on the second Thursday of each month.
The meetings are open to the public and your input is welcome

Board of Zoning Appeals:

Chairman                               Chuck Kollman                      330-233-7504

Vice Chairman                      Brian Hirsch                           330-297-1465

Secretary                                Karen Harshbarger               330-357-9972

Member                                  Ben Kotkowski

Member                                  Greg DeVos                           330-541-7395

Alternate                                 Karen Schultz                        234-755-0075

The Board of Zoning Appeals meets in the Town Hall meeting room at 7:00 P.M. as needed.


Town Hall: Michelle DeVos 5412 Streeter Rd. Mantua (330) 274-3166
Pavilion: Nancy Vines 4934 St. Rt. 303 Ravenna (330) 296-4244

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